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Travel Day

March 22, 2010

I’ve arrived in Hong Kong and I’m sitting on a bus in traffic trying to get to Victoria Peak. I just wanted to share a few random thoughts about my journey across the ocean.

I love the expert traveler line at the Atlanta airport. Hardly anyone uses it and those who do get through quickly. However on occasion, like on Saturday, some family with little kids and strollers decide to use that line. They must’ve used 10 bins to get their stuff through the x-ray. This is not what the expert traveler line is for and it just annoys everyone else.

People on planes pass gas. I guess they feel like they can get away with it because no one can hear them so no one knows who did it. So don’t you think the airlines would refrain from serving food that would add to this situation? As a midflight snack, we were served a cucumber and hard boiled egg sandwich. Breakfast was scambled eggs. I don’t think two servings of eggs was really good for the air quality in the confined space of a plane.

Also while I’m on the topic of airline food, we’re all in agreement that it’s never really anything great, right? In fact sometimes it’s even a little scary. But shrimp cocktail on a plane? No. Why even go there?

Well I’ve finally reached Victoria Peak and I’m about to have some dim sum for a late lunch before looking down at to city through the smog.

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